An income-generating plan perfect for service professionals – coaches, consultants, creatives, and agents
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A potential-unlocking event composed of women entrepreneurs who want to attain the ultimate work-life-happiness balance through the DSR Productivity Methodology.
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The Daily Success System
Includes the following:
90 Day Success Plan - your key promotions and income activities for the next 12-months
Sustainability Number
What the business needs to earn to pay you 
Priority Blocking Method
Turning your weekly schedule into a color-coded action plan
Business Systems
Organized back-end operations. Systems for every tasks related to making you money.
Peer Mastermind Community
You'll be matched with 2-3 like-minded women that would hold you accountable to growing your business.
We make sure you follow-through.
Weekly Accountability
Calls & Q&A
Business Systems
Paper planning combined with daily routines 

Peer Mentor  Community 
Learn 8 Skills that Will Unlock Your Full Potential 
Create a Weekly Schedule 
Learn to follow a proven-system that customizes the way you're planning and tracking. Set up your week with clear priorities. Find time to turn that side project into a business. 

Set Money Milestones
Learn to handle money confidently and increase your earning power. Determine a value for your work, how much want to bring home and ability to ask for it.

Write and Execute To-Do List 
Learn to check everything off the list including managing email. Execute business, creative and life tasks with ease. Stick to projects until you're finished — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. 

Design Daily Routines
Bad habits holding you back? Build a routine, work and personal. Learn to leverage the power of routine to consistently take steps towards your wellness, business, and personal goals. You'll learn 8 essential routines to managing distractions.

Create a 12-month Roadmap 
Stop reacting to life and proactively make things happen. Visualize the goal when complete, Start keeping track of progress and deal with procrastination. You’ll develop an action plan for the next 12-months.

Delegate task to People
Growing means managing your projects and overseeing others. Learn to let go - build, trust and rely on a team. Finally, release your inner control freak. You'll find people to help execute.

Determine Your Priorities
Trying to-do too many things?Taking on more than you have team, time or budget to do? Learn to decide where to say yes, no or wait so you can plan and take action when you have work and family.
Create a Self-Care Practice
Constantly feeling fatigued prevents you from staying focused on  goals. Learn to create a regular self-care practice that allows you to recharge your mind, guilt-free.  


Jamila Payne is the founder of the Daily Success Routine Productivity System and host of the Daily Success Show podcast. 

Her training company teaches overworked professionals to manage their schedule, set up income-producing processes and have time to enjoy life. Payne is the author of “Daily Success Routine Planner” and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine.  

Jamila is the author of Daily Success for Teams and From Payne to Power.  She is an award-winning business owner, selected as a “40 Under 40 Entrepreneur to Watch” by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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  • Daily Success System
  • Masterclasses
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*The Acheivers Club is not refundable
Who is Achievers Club
ideal for?  
Is this you?
  •  Goal-Oriented: We're looking for women building businesses of their own who want to grow their income and have time for self-care
  • Action-taker: Our members aren't dreamers or excuse makers, they execute. They find the time to implement what they learn to get the results they want
  •  Ambitious: These ladies are managing full-time jobs, businesses, non-profit boards, community initiatives and a household. They find a way to make it all happen and would enjoy the supportive conversation of other women, who get it.
  •  Life-Long Learner: Our members are committed to embracing new ways of doing things that will get them results. You're passionate about professional development. 
What's the time commitment? 
Peer Mentoring Community
We come together as a community once a week for a live 90-minute call. There's a short workshop, and then you'll get an implementation assignment to practice what you learned. We'll spend time open coaching members and doing Q&A to answer your most challenging questions, so you don’t get stuck. On average participation is 2.5 - 3 hours a week including completing the assignment.

The investment for the Achievers Club is $2,000 which includes your Bonuses if you pay in full. The payment option is $199/month for 12 months and includes a Daily Success Planner.

Get in Touch 
We're here to help. Reach out to with any additional questions. You also have the option to schedule a call. 

"The Daily Success System helped to hire and manage a team so I could step into the CEO role and have more time for my family."
"The Daily Success System allowed me to turn my hobby into a full-time career."
"I hired my first team member! Thanks to the Daily Success System, I can grow my brokerage while working a day job."
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