Feel capable of more than what
you’re doing and achieving?
 Tired of being at a stagnat point in your business growth?
It's easier to show up when you're excited about something 
and Plannerpalooza can help you achieve that!
What is Plannerpalooza?
Plannerpalooza is 3 Days of action-taking LIVE workshops ideal for women who are full-time entrepreneurs or managing 9-5 work along with a business and want to put a fail-proof business action plan in place for 2021.

This is an advanced training series for women owners who are actively working to grow a business and not ideal for full-time students or hobbypreneurs who haven't made any sales yet.

By the end of Plannerpalooza you'll have:
Better prioritization and a systematic way of working in your business.

A healthy set of routines and a rhythm of waking up, going to bed and getting important projects done.

A 12-month plan for 2021 projects so you're a professional, organized, on top of things, instead of dropping the ball.

A money roadmap that tells you EXACTLY how start earning the revenue you desire.
How Does It Work?
Once registered we’ll send an invitation to the private Facebook community. 

Planning is more fun with friends so invite a few to join you.
When Plannerpalooza starts you’ll get an email invite for each of the 3 LIVE daily workshops, along with your challenge assignment to complete. These won’t take more than 30-60 minutes a day.
The special thing about Plannerpalooza is that we not only map out 2020 projects and goals, we start making moves on them. And there will be some prizes involved!
Hosted by Jamila Payne, Daily Success Routine
Daily Success Routine is a goal execution system for work and life. You'll to learn to create routines, overcome distractions, manage priorities while consistently achieving new goals every 90 days. We combine paper planning with behavior science and an accountability to community that empowers you to act on your ambitions. 

Jamila Payne is passionate about empowering women to confidently go for their goals. She is CEO at Daily Success Routine (dailysuccessroutine.com). She has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

What are you waiting for?
If you’re ready to make next year, the year you start living your #bestlife ? Let’s do this!  
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